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Work on your hand writing to amplify your work speed.

Your hand writing reveals a lot about you. If we step into the shoes of an assessor for a moment. Picture this – you have piles of essays awaiting your judgment. Now, you see a page full of handwriting so bad. It’s barely legible. Be honest, would you rather not ditch it. These are the results of a bad handwriting.

On the flip side if you open up a sheet written beautifully and clearly would it not give you instant relief. So, your handwriting is really important and plays vital role in many aspects of life. But there are a number of things that lie connected. You need a good handwriting but at the same time you just can’t sit back and write artistically and devote all your time to it. You have to be quick at times really fast and yet maintain a good hand writing at least the one that is readable and clear. The one that doesn’t annoy the viewer.

See, a hundred-dollar fountain pen is not necessary. Generally, you need to get something smooth, fast, and smudge-free. These days gel or ball-point pens are the most popular. Thinner nibs prove better than thick ones (greater than 2.0 mm). You might also experiment with different grips, sizes, and shapes just to find what suits you best.

Well, now I will guide you with some simple ways of writing faster and entering into the writing zone effortlessly.

A Single Task at a Time

It is wise to eliminate all the distractions while you’re writing. It is hard for us when Twitter, Facebook and e-mail are beeping for our attention. But it can significantly increase your speed of writing by simply doing nothing except writing.

I have another really important tip – the real magic lies not in complexity, but in simplicity. So, it is better to focus on getting your first draft done rather than allowing yourself to check e-mails or any other notifications. Or else you can also wait until the end of the day to reward yourself.

Letter formation or Basic Outline

Improper letter formation leads to forming words that are hard to read.

  • So, if your ‘a’ looks like ‘d’ and your ‘o’ looks like ‘a’, it is not a wonder that the person reading your article would lose their patience!
  • Is it that you deliberately just drag writing your ‘w’, ‘n’ and ‘m’ in cursive so they look like squiggles?
  • Or you write your ‘y’ with a slant bent a bit too much?
  • Are the curves of your ‘g’ curvy more than necessary?
  • The upper stems of your ‘h’, ‘d’, ‘t’ and ‘b’ should not be tall enough.
  • Is it that the circles in your ‘o’, ‘e’, ‘a’ and ‘p’ are clear enough?
  • Do you find your hand writing slanted a way too far to the right or left?

You should try to find out which particular kinds of letters are causing confusion and tune things accordingly. You must try getting someone else to read your work whether a friend or a family member. It can be a big help while you are trying to find your trouble spots. Therefore, once you know locations that need to be improved, you can easily design a restriction to change your style.

Go in for the winner – Tall and skinny

The basic letter formation remains the same no matter what your handwriting style is. But here is another trick which can help increase your legibility and speed as well.

Let me explain this to you with a little practical demonstration. Loosely holding the wrist of writing hand, move it in an ‘up and down’ motion as you pat someone on the head. Now, notice the flexibility of your wrist, and see how easily it can perform this movement.

Now try to move your hand side to side as you wipe a window. Do not move your elbow; just the wrist. While doing this you may even feel some of the small carpal bones click.

You will notice that it is much easier for the hand to perform that ‘up and down’ motion. So, you need to prioritise a mode of writing that is more ‘up and down’ rather than ‘side to side.’

Hence, try to make your letters or alphabets tall and skinny, rather than short and cramped. Doing this will prevent hand cramps and writing fatigue for those extra-long writing tasks! You hand will not seize up or start hurting after 20 minutes.

Remember, those taller, clearer letter forms will definitely be appreciated.

Do not write as though you are trying to scratch away at the surface of the page. But instead keep your elbow loose, hold your shoulder back. At the same time, think like you are drawing a spiralling series of ovals on each line.

Set a Routine

See we all have routines and priorities to attend. But we should set one that helps us get into the right state for writing. For instance, while writing you may sip a cup of green tea or coffee or anything that you like to. Do this while you outline whatever you are going to work on.

Just recall the last time you felt really good about diving into the task of writing. How did you feel? What did you do? Where were you? and so on.

Practice makes a man just perfect

Practising your handwriting should not be some laborious, rudimentary activity where you might feel like you are wasting time. Initially, you can start at a more basic level, especially if your letter formations are really bad. But if all you want to speed things up a bit without compromising clarity, then there are some entire guides. These will help you through various modifications you can make.

Do not rush into doubling your speed right from the start when you are making some extreme changes in the normal way of writing. Try to concentrate on improving the readability. Hence, if you follow an efficient method, you’ll naturally speed up as it becomes more familiar to you.

Updated: August 4, 2017 — 9:26 am

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