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Work hard to get Excellence instead of Money as knowledge matters a lot.

They say “strive for excellence, not perfection’. Most of the time, we emphasize on perfection rather than excellence. And this can act as an obstacle to the path of our progress. Some people often put emphasis on perfection. They do not realize that perfection is impossible except in scientific lab experiments and in mathematical applications. So, strive for excellence and effectiveness.

Let’s Define Excellence

Colin Powell has rightly said that, if we are going to achieve excellence in the big things, we develop this habit in little matters too. Excellence is a prevailing attitude. It is all about being the best and striving to become better. Human beings are not born with excellence. They do hard work and cultivate it over a period of time. They work wise and smartly excel in whatever they do through hard work. Excellence emerges out of continuous improvement over the past achievements or tasks. It is a repercussion of both, passion and performance.

Excellence is a line that differentiates extraordinary people from ordinary people. People striving for excellence have longevity in their endeavours. When you compete against other achievers, you incline to grow and improve.

Ways to Achieve Excellence

First of all, develop the mindset that the process of achieving excellence is a journey, and not a destination. You are supposed to set your goals in order to achieve the much-awaited excellence. Here are some tips that will help you achieve it, irrespective of the area of your interest. Look out for these nubs of wisdom for achieving excellence:

  • Be passionate about the idea:

    It is a direct clue to success. When you do what you have passion for, you do not feel that you are working or tired any more. This is because you derive pleasure from it. Hence, try to be passionate about whatever you do. Involve yourself into it.

  • Recognize your talents:

    Now, once you are aware of your passions, it becomes easier for you to sharpen them. So, acquire skills and abilities in tune with your talents. People often make a blunder when they search for skills simply ignoring their inherent talents. So, recognize your talents and build your accomplishments and capabilities in and around them.

  • Be smart and work wise:

    Learn to work wisely, smartly, and hard in order to achieve the excellence. Try to spot the difference between working hard and working smartly. Working hard is all about doing a tiresome job without any planning and preparation. In contrast, working smart is about proper preparation with a proper blueprint to proceed, along with perspiration done while doing a tiresome job. Hard work requires a lot of money, time and resources, whereas smart work safeguards money, time and resources.

  • Read proper books:

    Try to read good books in order to upgrade your knowledge constantly. Continuous learning your horizons. Never become self-satisfied with your existing knowledge. Keep on reading good books as they will enrich you with latest knowledge from multiple perspectives. Books provide a variety of information, knowledge, ideas that can choose and help you to grow. Constant learning is definitely a boon. Read good books written by great authors as it will inspire you. If possible, note down the key points for future references. Do not think that you know everything. There is always a space to learn something from each book, provided you must have an open mind in order to learn and grow. Different authors may present same content from different perspectives. Thus, this will enrich your knowledge.

  • Learn to share your knowledge:

    It is rightly said that knowledge grows when shared. Try an inculcate an attitude to help and serve others. We should share our knowledge so people can benefit from it. Sharing your knowledge by writing articles and mentoring others sharpens your mind.

  • Seek continuous feedback:

    A continuous feedback is very essential for excellence. Learn to take feedback from others without any ego clash. Feedback spots the loopholes. It greatly helps you to know your weaknesses. So, you can work towards it’s improvement. As we know, continuous improvement leads to excellence.

  • Manage limitations:

    There are several obstacles, constraints and limitations in the path to achieving excellence. Some of them are internally created by human errors, and many are externally caused by forces beyond our control. So, learn to manage both the external as well as internal forces and factors that may prevent you from achieving excellence.

Decisions Should Not Be Solely Based on Money

Many people think and also believe that the principle pursuit of business is to make money. So, when faced with any business challenges, they often make their decisions keeping money in priority. From a perspective of money, it never makes business sense to accept any increased risk. In order to overcome some primary obstacle like overcrowding in a mall or any other public place, the owner is often seen to charge additional costs.

However, it is later discovered, the real problem with pursuing money first is that markets are almost unknowable. Although business owners might think their aim is correct, but they often miss the mark more than when they focus solely on the making money. It is rightly said, “wanting money is not enough to make it happen.”

Instead, focus on business and on delivering excellence. Whenever a business decision makes sense for your clients, make the decision and move forward. From the perspective of a client, doubling the resources, more equipment, less waiting times and better overall experience. When you focus on providing excellence to your clients, doubling the space, resources any suitable things make sense. This way your revenues will increase as customers value excellence, not the profitability of your business.

Updated: August 9, 2017 — 4:35 pm

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