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What is the true meaning of personality? Check out the top 5 tips for personality development.

Personality is an amalgamation of qualities and attributes. It contributes to the person’s character and image. Primarily, it originates from within. Our personality is determined and judged by our appearance, education, behavior, attitude, values and some more characteristics.

Personality Development involves developing a set of traits which contribute to the overall personality of a person. People often confuse personality development with enhancing dressing sense, fluency in English language.

A good personality that you can feel proud of and confident in. When you are not hesitant in front of the best of people. Remember, that personality development cannot happen in a day’s time. It takes a while and happens over time. There are multiple factors that need to be worked in order to develop one’s personality. Check out below some guidelines for enhancing the characteristics and attributes which add to an individual’s overall personality.

Some Good Personality traits

  • Being happy and light-hearted, seeing the joy in the world.
  • Laughing with others, but not at them. A jovial person is appreciated by all. Smiling and laughing is a part of good personality.
  • Staying calm, relaxed and trying to resolve tense situations. Losing temper is turning hyper is never considered good.
  • Keeping an open mind and willing to change your worldview. Not being judgemental, rather accepting and changing for good.
  • Modesty is a must. All talents go waste if you don’t have any modesty. Try keeping yourself level and balanced. A big ego is liked by none.
  • Loving other people. A number of bad personalities develop because people love to hold grudges, they fail to realise the importance of forgiving each other and find themselves overwhelmed with hatred and anger.
  • Loyalty is a virtue worth to possess.
  • Offering a helping hand. Being supportive. Respecting others decisions and opinions.
  • Thinking positively. Both about yourself and others around you because thoughts often turn into the words and actions
  • Being real. Masses are drawn to those who act real. If you are putting on a fake façade, it will be easy to tell.

Tips for Personality Development

  • Be humorous

See the humorous side of life, the quirky side in a situation – there always is one. People enjoy the company of someone who makes them laugh and smile. If you can add fun and lighten the atmosphere to an otherwise dull /gloomy setting, people will naturally be attracted to you.

  • Be Confident

The most important trait which adds to the personality of any individual. Your confidence might go down due to failures, mistakes or guilt but master up the courage, work on shortcomings and be confident. Confidence is an individual’s biggest strength. It reflects your attitude towards life, your character and passion. Be confident about yourself and whatever you do.

  • Be Optimistic

You must have a positive outlook towards everything. Nobody likes a whining and complaining individual. Avoid being a pessimist. For example, when you face a downfall, make sure you don’t sit back cribbing rather be positive and think that you can and you definitely will. Have positive expectations.

  • Be a Patient Listener

Haste ruins it all. So, be a patient listener. Hang on to others words, give them your devoted attention, make them feel important. There is nothing more appealing than this. Be an enthusiastic listener as it is a very essential part of communication. Remember, Mental presence is essential to be good listener.

  • Be a Good Learner

Don’t be dull rather have the zeal to learn new things. You are never too old to learn. Your attitude must reflect your enthusiasm. Eleanor Roosevelt rightly said, “Learn from others mistakes. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”

Mistakes are inevitable but learning from them is an act of wise people.

  • Watch out your Body Language

It plays an important role in judging a person’s confidence and personality.  You must make use of positive gestures while communicating/ interacting with folks.

  • Improve your Communication and social Skills

The manner in which you speak says tons about your personality. It tells about your culture and reflects who you are. So, it is wise to be polite and gentle with your words. You must think before you speak.

Man is a social animal. A shy and introvert person is not appreciated. We must stay updated with all that is happening around. Be vigilant, participate in group discussions. and seminars.

  • Have Integrity

 You must have integrity but at the same time you must learn to treat others with respect. Be honest. Make sure you earn respect for yourself.

  • Develop Leadership Qualities

A good leader is not the one who moves ahead of the masses but rather he is the one who knows the art of walking with the masses. Leadership skills do not mean how you order your subordinates. It is how well you can manage them. You must set an example yourself before teaching others. So, work harder, keep up to your words and promises.


These are some basic tips on how you can work on your personality. You are never too late to begin. We humans possess the ability to shape our personalities in any way we desire. When we develop ourselves, we make a contribution to our own self as well as others. A good personality is an essential requisite for a happy life. So, incorporate these tips in your day to day life and you will surely discover the positive amendments in your personality.

Updated: August 9, 2017 — 6:06 pm

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