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What if we stop using a mobile phone, life without a mobile phone.

What if you stop using your smart phone? Is it likely to affect the quality of your life?

Try to confirm that do you actually want to go ahead with this decision. This post is accurately going to describe the whole thing. It is amazingly written to help you give the push to switch.

The huge problem is, communication. Our family members live in different places and hence certain mobile Apps such as WhatsApp, is a really useful as it helps us connect. There are surely texts and calls but they lead to much more expenditure.

Now, people might have something in their case like some have with WhatsApp, etc. But if it is possible for you to figure out a way to manage that, I advise you all to make the transition from smartphones to anything else.

Most of the choices we make each day may feel like the outcomes of proper decision making, but they are not. At times, we decide to keep our cell phone switched on and kept in our pocket. And then our initial decision disappears. This is just because of our habits. These are the actions which have crept under our skin and became a part of us.

So, it is our duty to break the routine. Perhaps the best decision is to leave our phone on the bedside table for a day. We might also try to engage “airplane mode”, and breathe in a few content hours of no zero contact.

How to Survive Without a Cell Phone

In this technology-driven scenario, sometimes it seems nearly impossible to survive without a mobile phone. Without a mobile phone, you may feel as if you have been cut off from friends and family, or from other things happening round the globe and life. There are both cons and pros of not having a cell phone at hand. Cons include the inability to call someone in any case of emergency. However, there are many pros to not having a constant access, like complete liberty from individuals who may contact you at a moment’s notice. You have more time to focus on goals and activities you enjoy.

Try to cope without a Cell Phone

  • In order to prepare yourself for this change, try and stop making use of certain features of your phone. You should also stop using activities like instant messaging or text messaging, email, browsing the Internet. Hence, perform such activities elsewhere, such as on a computer.
  • Inform your family and friends that you are to spend time with them in person. Also make doctor’s or business appointments. By slowly reducing the amount of time you spend on your phone, wean yourself from its use.
  • Firstly, put it aside for 1 or 2 days, then gradually make an increase in the time spent away from it to a few weeks, months, and so on.
  • Replacing your cell phone with other physical objects of the same weight/feel of the mobile phone in your pocket/purse.
  • You may make detailed plans in advance with friends and family. Without a cell phone, you may specifically need to determine the exact timings and meeting places for various appointments when you have plans to meet friends, business colleagues, family members, etc. You should also inform your contacts about this new system of contact.
  • Besides you may replace extracurricular cell phone time with other activities such as playing games or texting, then read any book/magazine, listening to music and so on.
  • You can also dedicate this time to improve your self-worth. You may spend time in going to gym or spending more time along with your family.

Avoid being a victim of search-it-all

Spellings, meanings, Forgo maps, search engines, and review websites should be restricted once in a while – and serendipity must be embraced instead.

Elbows and phones off the table

The habit of ignoring other people and paying attention to your mobile phone instead is turning quite prevalent form of ignorance these days. This rudeness is more than the dinner table, where the idea of good manners began. Recent studies suggest that simply leaving your phone on display while dining gives negative feelings to those around you.

Look before you upload something

Sometimes, we are merely eyeballs staring the screens and fingers clicking on buttons. Before you share such Instagram snap, then, make sure you pause, think, breathe air deeply, fix the moment fully. Now, allow the two-dimensional representation of the experience that takes your fancy.

What to do with your phone before you sleep

While lying on the bed, it may be quite tempting to pick the phone up one last time. Yet you prepare for your sleep to be disrupted. This is because the blue lighted screens on the device lets your brain to associates with daylight. This exposure is fatal with your body clock. You think about just one more link, tweet, email or text.


Your morning will be way longer and more relaxed once you ditch your mobile phone. No morning alarm to disturb you, no checking for Instagram, Facebook notifications, no urgent messages urging you to jump out of bed.

Instead, you will get out of bed peacefully. Take a shower and get dressed. Make some coffee and then open laptop. Read email, social media, and news while leisurely enjoying your coffee. Finally, head to the office peacefully. You will get there 20 minutes earlier, since you got out of bed 20 minutes earlier.

Updated: August 4, 2017 — 7:53 pm

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