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Gone are the days when people used to run from one office to another in search of jobs.

You just need google and there is a good long list of several websites available. Let me tell you – There are thousands of websites for jobs on the web. However, the good job search engine sites have search tools that make it quick and easy. You can use them and they allow to search based on the type of job you are looking for, keeping into consideration your location, and other criterion.

There are some of the best job search sites. These are traditional job boards, like Dice, Monster, and CareerBuilder. Others, such as, allows you to search many job associations, boards, company career sites, and sources of job postings. There are also some sites that focus on certain types of positions or match you with the employers. So. It is worth incorporating such sites into your job search. Always remember that not all employers list on every site.

It is not wise to limit yourself to just one job website. You must know that each job site only lists jobs from some particular websites or companies. For example,, only directly lists jobs from company websites, whereas has only verified nationwide postings directly from the employers. Other job search engines like the and put lists from many different sources. In addition to this, each site has different set of job search options which you can utilize to include certain types of jobs in your search results.

Try out these best sites in order to see which works for you.

  • is the leading job site. It has many of job listings from a number of websites. These include company career sites, newspaper classifieds, associations, job boards, and other online sources of different job postings. Users can successfully upload their resume and get a personalized resume link in order to share with employers. They can also research on job trends, salaries, and more.


Glassdoor. com is a career community. It helps you to find jobs and companies that recruit top talent. The members of Glassdoor can see the latest job listings and also get access to user-generated content. This includes company-specific ratings and reviews, salary reports, interview questions, etc.

  • Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs is a product of Google. It aims to help the job seekers to find job listings that are appropriate for them. Google for Jobs is an efficient job search engine. It compiles listings from many different sources, including many other job search engines. Instead of using any specific job search site, users can just type a job into the Google search bar. Google then shows all the related listings. So, you can then narrow your search by type of job, date posted, location, company type, etc.


CareerBuilder is also one of the largest job boards. It provides job listings, resume postings, career advice and resources to the job seekers. CareerBuilder provides job listings directly from employers. It also has amplified the local listings by partnering with many newspapers in order to incorporate their online classifieds.


Dice is one of the leading site for tech job seekers. Here you can thus, search by company name, job title, keyword, employment type, and Job location. The registered users can successfully upload their resume, store resumes and cover letters, get salary information and track jobs. You, as a job seeker, will also get career advice and tech news.


LinkedIn is known to connect the world’s professionals in order to make them more productive and successful. It is the world’s largest professional network on the web. Here, you can search for your jobs, identify contacts on employers who are advertising the vacancies, and also follow companies of interest on LinkedIn. The users can incorporate the portfolio samples within their profile. This way they can showcase their offerings for the prospective employers.  LinkedIn works good for strong candidates who are conducting a passive jobs search. Here they will find fruitful results if they want employers to find them.


LinkUp is the ultimate job site for you if you want to avoid scams, spam, or duplicate job listings. LinkUp only posts the jobs provided on company websites. It provides applicants with often unadvertised jobs. This is because these jobs come directly from company sites. You can be pretty sure that they are current openings.

  • is one of the most original job boards. It has expanded and includes a variety of other resources and apps for job seekers. users can search for and also apply for jobs online, review company profiles, post a resume, get salary information and career advice.


It is the clearinghouse for information on full-time internship and volunteer posts. It acts within the non-profit sector. You can easily identify target organizations by their mission and the specific types of opportunities within various niches. The registered users can also search for contacts in organizations of interest. They can message them for networking purposes.

What Else You Need to Know

Do you know the difference between a job board and job search engine?

Job boards only include positions posted by employers, whereas job search engines collect job listings from job boards & company websites.

Most of the sites have advanced search options. These search engines can let you drill down even further to find jobs that are the perfect match for your qualifications, skills and interests. So, make it a rule to check out these advanced search options given on any job search site.

It is wisely recommended to spend no more than 10 percent of the job searching time online. Therefore, use the rest of your time in generating leads, researching companies, networking, and meeting different people face to face.


Updated: August 9, 2017 — 4:35 pm

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