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Some suggestions on what to do after graduation for sure success

Success and happiness- the ultimate goal for each one of us. Right from school days, the question hovers our mind- What will I do? How will I establish myself? Will I be able to make a place in this competitive world? Yes, I can but where should I begin?


A number of question popping up in our minds. With these we complete our schooling and head over to college. We make some new resolutions and demolish some old ones. It happens that a new phase in life often brings along a mixed bag of emotions. When you begin college, it seems like you have an eternity to make up your mind regarding about what you will do after graduation. Some might have decided since freshers’ week where they have to go after college. On the other hand, many don’t begin to consider it until they reach the final year and the reality dawns on them. Well, nothing about. You can and will do it that too in the best way possible.

Here, we have some best tips from experts for you.

There are plenty of options available for final-year students. There are graduate programmes, options for working abroad and further study. Whether you have been firm on what you want to do after finishing your degree or are recently thinking about it, it is important to know all your options. After you have checked them out decide on what will work best for you.

For all the graduates, there is a basic choice: work or further study. Within these two you have a number of paths, so it is most noteworthy to figure out which fits with your aim and aspirations.

Seminars, career guidance centres, graduate offices and fairs, either on or off campus, organised by various groups are really useful. Make sure you use them to connect to relevant people, pick up information and discover the best route for your preferred career path.

Here, we have listed the basic options available for you-

The first job

Undoubtedly, entering the world of work is the logical route. After three or four years of studying hard, many students are glad to see the end of assignments, projects, practical and exams. It is really exciting and endearing for them to look for a job.

On the other hand, with “talent wars” between multinationals across various sectors, a number of companies are glad to hook up young graduates. Companies look for the best and brightest students. There’s been a huge increase in IT in the past two-three years. Companies want a mix of creative and quantitative people. They look for those who can bring different talents to the company. People who can work with zeal and enthusiasm.

Companies are also going into colleges to recruit. There are various recruitment sessions right into the middle of the second semester.

For those working there is also a chance to continue studies. They can join a part-time postgraduate course. The benefit is that it may be funded by your work.

Visit abroad

With your undergrad complete, you can find this an optimal time to move out of country. You may do anything from teaching English, to interning in law firms or even engineering. It is a golden opportunity to see a new place, make some new friends and embrace a totally different culture. In addition to this, it is also a good chance for many to embellish their CVs.

Going abroad gives graduates a real insight into the working environment which another culture offers. This experience works wonders and stands to them when they return to their hometown.


Students who are not ready to turn their backs on academic, the option of a postgraduate course is always open. This can open up opportunities further down the line for graduates.

Employment data shows that your employment options increase rapidly either with a post-graduation or a job placement. It is certainly more promising to follow a two year of post-graduation if you immediately don’t get the employment of your dreams.

A research post grad can be very beneficial in enhancing your employ-ability. Now, the question arises that which type of post grad will help you achieve your career expectations.

Try to grab an internship as early as possible.

It is never too early to start interning.  According to a survey, internships are valuable but students are failing to land them. 85% people said that having an internship is very important for career. 52% people said that they wished to have had some more internships before graduating. While only 40% had completed at least one internship.

The best internships are with companies that have wide brand recognition. The reason is that having that name on résumé helps immensely and just the brand names open doors.

Try MBA if it suits you

You definitely should, if you want to. Remember, MBA is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many are mistaken that it as a mandatory requirement for success in life. It is not so, however, if you are sure, you can immediately enrol after graduation. 

However, it is wiser to begin working and simultaneously preparing for entrance exams to MBA. It will help you save money for the course. In addition to this, it will also help you bring your experience to the table. 

In the end, whatever you choose to do, remember that the it is noteworthy to play to your strengths….Nobody knows that better than you. So, you have to make the move and excel with flying colors.

Updated: August 8, 2017 — 4:30 pm

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