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Run to your fear and it will run away- best ways you can apply in your life that will help you to fight your fear.

George Addair has rightly said- “everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear”

To master the courage and get through fear is a skill that anyone can learn and possess. The problem arises when people cling to their fears, it becomes a part of who they are.

So, here we have some tips from experts that will surely help you in not only overcoming fear but also fight against it. Follow these tips-

  • Acknowledge

In order to overcome fear, you must be aware that your fears are causing havoc in your life. Weigh the results and troubles occurring in your life because of your fears.

  • Recognize

Now, you should get specific about what exactly you are afraid of. It is time to be an observer of your inner space. Sit back and think of all the things that disturb you. categorize them. Identify your fear among the various scenes that pop up in your mind in the name of fear. It is essential to be curious about what thoughts generate your fear. Where do you feel frightful? How do you react to it?

  • Try gradual exposure

Once you have confronted your beliefs, now expose yourself to the fear. Often, we are afraid of something because we haven’t been much exposed to it. “Fear of the unknown” prevails within us.

For instance, If you’re afraid of dogs, start by looking at doodle of a dog. Try looking at it until you feel no fear inside. Then, try looking at a photograph of a dog, next a video of a dog. Try these until no fear response exists within you. Now, visit a park where dogs will be on-leash. Check yourself until you feel no fear. Watch people interact with a dog say may be your friend. Ask your friend to let you touch his dog while it is restrained by your friend. Finally, be near a dog and spend time with it.

  • Try Sedona Method.

Another simple method to conquer fear. It is as simple as asking a few questions while focusing on your fear. Do not neglect this one. Although it seems simple but it can really help.

  • Try opposites

Whenever you feel frightful, switch over to what you are grateful for instead. For example, If you find it fearful to speak in public, be grateful for the opportunity. Communicate with many people, and tell, yourself that they are there to genuinely listen to what you have to say.

  • Jot down

It is important to get your fears down on paper. Sometimes just trying to think them through doesn’t help. You may get caught in endless loops of negativity and make your life miserable.

  • Therapy

If you find a good therapist, it can be highly beneficial. At times, it has proven to be life-changing. Finding the right therapist is hard. Try to choose someone who resonates with you, understands you.

  • Counselling

Do you have a fear of failure? A good life coach can help you realise what you truly want from life. You will acknowledge where your fears come from. Sometimes, the right counselling is all that you require to overcome fear and take a step forward.

  • Try Reading or watching

Reading a good book about your fear can open new doors. You will get various ideas on how you can get rid of it. Also read a lot of motivational/ inspirational work on and around the topic. Watching a movie can be as enlightening as reading a book. Sometimes it is really beneficial to distract yourself from your fear. Take an action against it. When you face your fears, they become weaker. At that point of time you realize that reality isn’t nearly as bad as your imagination.

  • Fight with positivity

Whenever fear confronts you, flip it over. Start thinking of something positive instead of bad that can happen. If public speaking is the issue, imagine yourself being successful instead of failing horribly.

  • Surrender

It may seem absurd, but at times surrendering to what is powerful is better. The reason is that as long as we try to change, we are in war with reality.

  • Don’t fled

Take my advice and this time when you feel fearful, stay where you are. Now simply feel the panic without distracting yourself. Place your palm on your stomach. Take deep breaths slowly. This will help the mind get used to coping with panic. You won’t run away like a kid instead would deal with it.

  • Relaxation technique

Learn some relaxation techniques. When your body confronts fear, lots of triggers ready your body for a “fight-or-flight” action. So, you must learn to override this response. Try counteracting with relaxation techniques. This tells your body that there is no danger. It also help you cope with other stress in your life.

All you have to do is some deep breathing exercises. Focus on your breath, count each breath. Four seconds inhale followed by four seconds exhale. When you find this comfortable, elongate your breath to six seconds.

So, friend start seeing fear as an opportunity. Use it as a tool to identify problems and solve them effectively. It’s just like a red flag that warns us when something needs our attention. Once you have passed the discomfort of the initial wave of fear, examine it more closely. Look for what you can learn.

Learn to stand up for your own self, face the situations, handle them bravely and yu will find your fears flying away.

Updated: August 5, 2017 — 6:34 pm

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