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Top 5 Resume Tips And Tricks For Job Seekers

Resume writing often proves to be a tough task. Creating a resume can be challenging when you start thinking about all the information you need to share with prospective employers. Your employment history, qualifications, educational background, and skills are to be presented in a way which will help you to get selected for a job interview. It is important to include specific information specific to the positions you are applying for. 

Look at this easiest way, the step-by-step process, to make it much less overwhelming. Once you create your first resume or refresh the old one, you can simply edit it to match with any job you apply. See the things required in an interview-winning resume. Read about what all to include in each section and how to format the resume. Therefore, here are some LinkedIn resume tips for writing a good resume that will positively catch the attention of the hiring managers.

Writing resume isn’t easy but we have given five basic resume tips and tricks here from my resume writing experience. Try to incorporate them and surely you will end up framing an impressive and impactful resume.

resume tips and tricks


Resume Tips And Tricks For Job Seekers

1. The significance of design and layout

  • The layout- Avoid borders and very creative fonts. These tend to distract from the actual content.
  • Font- You must select a traditional font. The one that is easy to read.

Font – Times New Roman, Calibri is usually suggested.

Font size- Keep it to be 9 to 12.

Colour-usually black is preferred against a white paper.

You may increase the font size of your name or the companies you have worked for. This gives a look of professionalism.

Remember, you have just 15-20 seconds to shine. Hiring Managers will look through your resume quickly and in order to get their attention highlight your key accomplishments and relevant skills. These should occupy the top half of your resume.

  • Summary statements are also important. They should be assertive and impactful. These must contain strong statements with words like- motivated, enthusiastic, hard-working etc. Therefore, it is essential to keep this section on target.
  • Avoid paragraph-style writing as far as possible. Make use of bullet points. These are visually effective and easy to read.
  • It is also advisable to use bullets instead of numbers because numbering instantly restricts the mind.

resume tips and tricks

2. Including all Your Contact Information

It is important to give all your contact information on your resume. A resume is the first step wherein if you appear well, you get the call for the interview. So, you must provide correct contacts so that employers can easily get in touch with you.

You must include the following-

Your full name

Street address

City, state, and zip code

Phone number and

Email address.

If you possess a LinkedIn profile or a professional website/blog, mention those links as well.

Adding a personal Profile to Your Resume

It is advisable to use a firm and confident objective of your resume. Make sure that it’s tailored to match the job you are applying for. Be specific, the more specific you are, the better chance you have of getting selected. Avoid statements like ‘trying to do this ……’ instead go in for ‘I am confident in my ability to do this’ etc.

3. Make use of the reverse chronological format.

The employers prefer the chronological format resume. This means listing your

  •  Present / recent job first, and then working backward.
  • Complete name of the company/industry whether they are public or privately held.
  •  Job title i.e., the position you hold and your accomplishments.

Even when you are listing your qualification and degrees, list them in reverse chronological order. As given below :

I) Your highest qualification on the top 

II) Then high school/matric.

You can also refer to resume templates for more ideas.

resume tips and tricks

 4. Quantify your accomplishments.

This is the most critical element on your resume. Therefore, when you demonstrate the value that you can bring to a company, your resume becomes significantly more appealing in the eyes of the hiring manager. Instead of listing responsibilities, try to mention professional achievements that are value-added as well as specific to each role. Highlighting numbers, including percentage increases, and quantifying how you have reduced expenses works brilliantly. Write about the challenges you encountered, the various action-oriented steps you took to leverage your skills.

5. Including Resume Keywords and Skills and prioritizing

You must design your resume in accordance with the job you are applying for. List down the skills and requirement of the job you are applying for. Now make sure that your resume includes the same keywords that are mentioned in job descriptions. In this way, you will increase your chances of getting shortlisted. The employer will see those keywords and you can ultimately be called up for an interview. In addition to all of this, it is important to prioritize the content of your resume. So, mention your most important and relevant experiences first, along with key accomplishments listed at each position. 

In this competitive scenario, job seekers need to make sure that their resume stands out from the rest.

Before you begin work on writing or updating your resume, you must review resume format examples & tips. Check out the ones that fit a variety of employment situations. Select style/ format that highlights your strengths and achievements.

These are certain suggestions for creating a good resume. Follow them and I am sure they will help you greatly. There are more resume tips for college students, resume tips for professionals, resume tips for executives, resume tips for sales professionals, resume tips for nurses and various other fields. For more details and tips on how to create impressive resumes, cover letters and CV stay tuned to our website . You can also check out other posts like interview tips, job interview preparation, interview dress tips etc available on our website.

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