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Best examples of Resume Templates for writing a good resume

Are you clueless about how to pen down your resume? Well, here we have some best examples of resume templates. Go through them and you will surely get an idea of the information you need to include on your resume. Make use of these templates to generate a list of details to include on your resume. Now you must compile the details. Then, format your resume accordingly and send the customized resume to employers.

Different Types of Resume Formats

Our resumes are like the advertisements. It’s important for us to decide which type of case, format you would like to use. It largely depends on the type of job you are applying for. So, there are different resume formats which may apply. There are basically four standard types of resumes which include

1) chronological,

2) functional,

3) combination, and

4) targeted.

See below, definitions of the four types and recommendations on which of the formats work best.


  • What is it – Chronological resumes are most commonly used resume format. Such formats list your work history in chronological order. The list starts with your most recent and down to the earliest ones. It provides a very quick outline of your work history, with the most recent ones up front.
  • Who should use – If a candidate possess a solid work history and his/her personal/professional experience is properly aligned with the job, and there are no lapses between employment, use the Chronological format. Employers usually prefer this type of resume format. Remember to consider a different type of resume format if you have just started your career, or in case you are changing your career fields.

2)Functional Resume:

  • What is it –  Functional resumes are not like chronological resumes. They focus firstly on your skills and experience. This resume type de-emphasizes the dates of your work. Employment history is treated as secondary. It is listed under the details of your skills. It never focuses on your chronological work history. Instead of “work history” section at the top, you must have a “accomplishments” or “professional experience” section in order to list various skills you have developed over the years. The functional resume at times includes a headline or resume summary at the top, which details your skills and achievements.
  • Who should use – It is recommended for people who have lapses in employment or are a recent college graduate with limited work experience, or are in the middle of career transition and have a different background with no clear career path. It is the most effective type of resume format. Such resumes are most often used by the ones who are changing careers or who have gaps in their employment history. Thus, by highlighting the skills rather than work history, emphasize that you are qualified for the job.

3)Combination Resume:

  • What is it – Combination resume lets you to give details about both your skills and experiences, at the same time providing with a chronological listing of the work history. These are flexible in nature. A combination resume lets you to tailor the prospective job opening and tell a story to the hiring manager. It is a combination between a chronological resume and a functional resume. A list of one’s skills and qualifications is at the top of the resume. Below it is the chronological work history. However, work history is not focused in the resume, and does not take much space of the resume.
  • Who should use – This resume is used if someone wants to detail his/her work experience to the hiring managers. This type of resume helps to highlight the points what makes you the best fit for the particular job.

4)Targeted Resume:

  • What is it – Targeted resumes, the only resumes that are customized in detail. The details are to the prospective job that you are seeking. It includes everything, i.e., from objective, qualifications to educational experience. All of this mirrors the job requirements. A targeted resume specifically highlights the relevant experience and skills you have for that job only.
  • Who should use – Targeted resumes are the most time-consuming ones. But they can generate the best results. You have to be careful, while developing a targeted resume. You must be as accurate as possible and do not embellish career highlights just to mirror the job.

Some other types of Resumes

Resume with Profile

  • A resume with profile section will include a short summary of the applicant’s experiences, goals and skills as they relate to a particular job.
  • This summary is no more than a couple of sentences long. It helps the you “sell” yourself to the company to which you are applying.
  • So, it is helpful to add a profile for almost any applicant.
  • In case of an extensive experience, a profile can very briefly explain the experiences to the hiring manager right away.
  • If there is limited work experience, a profile can help you to highlight your skills.

Mini Resume

A mini resume consists of a brief summary of your career highlights as well as qualifications. It specifically contains the information related to the job you are aspiring for, or the industry you are interested in.

A mini resume can be used for various purposes like networking or it can be shared upon request from an employer or reference writer. Anyone who may want to go through an overview of your accomplishments, can ask for a mini resume rather than a full-length resume.

You might even make a mini resume that fits on a business card. This would allow you to easily share it at networking events.

Non-traditional Resume

A non-traditional resume is quite different. It is a unique version of your resume. It may include graphics, photos, images, graphs and other visuals. It can either be an online resume or a physical resume with infographics. Moreover, it can also be a video, a resume on a social media etc.

Non-traditional resumes are useful for people in creative fields. Through such a resume they can demonstrate their ability. Thus, it proves to be a good way for a job candidate to stand out from the crowd.


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