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Learn English – Tips for improving your fluency yourself.

Someone rightly said- ‘Today people judge your beauty by the colour of your skin and smartness by fluency of your English’. Ideally, this should not happen but you and me, all of us are bound to go by the prevalent conditions. So, to make a stand in the society you must have a good command over English.

Now, I am sure you will have a series of questions popping up in your mind.

How to learn? Whom should I learn from? How can I practice speaking English without anybody else to guide and help me?

Remember, the basics should never be forgotten. So, writing, reading, listening—these three are sufficient and can be practiced alone. Isn’t it easy?

The problem arises and we find ourselves stuck when we open up our mouth to speak but struggle to gather it all up in our sentences. So, here we will guide you on how to improve your fluency when you can write well, have a decent vocabulary but still find it difficult to converse. This is not some five-minute magic tip but will surely help you once you follow these steps-

  • Quit Translating – start thinking in English.

The main problem with most of us is that we think in our mother-tongue, our native language, then we stand translating all that we have thought into English.

So, cut down the first step. Start thinking in English. Practice this whenever you are free. For example- use English when you’re thinking about your day, or when you’re thinking of placing an order. You will soon realise that that when you think in English, it’s easier for you to speak.

#Tip- Start using English to English dictionary to look up for words.

  • Find a partner in yourself

You are alone at home? Strike up a conversation with your own self.

You are already thinking in English. So, move on to the next step. Try speaking your thoughts out loud. The act of speaking out loud will make you more comfortable in speaking English.

#Tip- Read out loud, too.

  • For beginners- Focus more on fluency rather than grammar.

A stop here and a prolonged pause there steals away all the glory of your English speaking. So, lessen the stops. Just speak. If you focus more on speaking fluently rather than correctly, you’ll sound better. You can work on correct grammar and word rules and add them up later.

  • Try to use the mirror trick

Whenever you find some spare time, stand in front of the mirror. Now speak. Pick up a random topic, set a timer for 2 or 3 minutes and just speak casually.

This way you will be able to watch your mouth, face and body language as you speak. In addition to this, it also gives you the appearance that you’re talking to someone. If you find yourself stuck, rephrase your sentence, try to express your idea in a different way.

  • Copy a good orator

This works wonders. A number of people who are found fluent today have actually gained a lot by following this. Select a part someone’s speech. Listen to it. Repeat it line by line. Learn it and now try to match the tone, speed and accent.

Most of us, while listening to a native English-speaker, focus on understanding what the words mean. Undoubtedly, it is important, but there is definitely a lot more you can grab from listening. Try listening how the person says them. Try to remember these details and implement them the next time you speak.

  • Try singing some English numbers

You can try to sing along to English songs. Catch up with your favourite English song select any good singer may be Taylor Swift, and sing along. You can also try rap, it is a bit difficult for beginners but helps greatly in fluency.

  • Often the question carries your answer

Next time when someone questions you, listen carefully and you will answer perfectly every time. Often you come across questions like-

Question- Does he……?                    Your answer will be-   Yes, he does.

Question- Is it……?                            Your answer will be-   Yes, it is.

So, when someone puts forward a question and you don’t find an appropriate answer, think about the words used in the question.  It contains most of the words you need for your answer. Instead of going head over heels learning each and every detail, just be smart enough to catch up the right things in time.

  • Learn new words and phrases.

Make yourself fluent by learning different forms of any words you learn. For example, if you the word- sit, you should also learn the other forms like sat, seated.

It is even better to learn word phrases. Phrases are helpful for sounding while speaking.

  • Prepare beforehand

It is certainly better to prepare for specific situations. Firstly, keep in mind the reason for your learning English. For example, are you learning English to get a job. So, practice English that will help you in your interview. Before you reach the spot, practice what you might have to say. Surely, you will feel much more confident if you’re prepared.

  • Be cool, relax yourself and take it easy

It is not all that difficult. And even if you go wrong somewhere it will not be the end of the world for you. Most of us end up ruining the whole scene due to our haste. Most of us focus on how difficult it is to speak up in English and that is the reason we mess up things. So, just relax!

When you find yourself stuck or confused, take a big breath and start over.

  • Most importantly – Speak slow

When you go slowly and take time to pause, you get sufficient time to think about your next sentence.

The best part of this is that the other person fails to comprehend your weakness and takes it to be your natural style. So, it is always advisable to speak slowly and correctly.

Follow these are there are more tips waiting for you at

Updated: August 9, 2017 — 4:36 pm

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