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How to write a job description in resume | Job description template

Well, how to write a job description in a resume is one the key parts on your resume. These put forward what you have accomplished in the positions you have held. They also provide a synopsis of your skills and experience. A well-composed description for every job you have held will help get your resume selected and noticed for interviews.

How to write a job description in a resume is a question often asked before writing a job description. so here we are to answer it in the best way possible.

How to write a job description for a resume?

What is Job Description and Job Specification?

It is a list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities that an employee is expected to perform a job position in a company.

Employers looking for people to hire usually describe the available job by releasing the task, duties, and responsibilities the candidate is expected to perform when they join the organization.

In addition to this, a job description also contains the minimum requirements in terms of knowledge, skills, competence, educational qualification, license, and sometimes physical requirements that are essential to perform effectively on the job.

A Job description is thus created by performing the thorough analysis of the job. It includes looking at the various tasks associated with it, ensuring that the tasks are realizable, looking at the competence and skill set required to carry out the job effectively.

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The best way to write attention-grabbing job descriptions

There are a lot of templates, resume job description examples and samples of job descriptions that cover a wide range of positions. You will come across resume responsibilities and achievements, resume description examples, resume job descriptions for customer service etc in the article below. There is resume job description generator available online. All you have to do is to edit, modify, and adjust them to suit your company’s particular needs.

1. Parts of A job description:

  • Job title.
  • Job summary.
  • List of tasks, duties, and responsibilities.
  • Minimum requirements in terms of knowledge and skills.
  • Educational requirements, certification, license.

I) Job Title: Creating a job title is the first thing in a job description.

II) Job Summary: Briefly explain the job here. You will have to state who the position reports to, highlight key tasks and responsibilities as well as the scope of the position. The reader should have a clue of what the job entails from the summary section.

III) Lists of Tasks, Duties, and Responsibilities: Here you list the required tasks, duties, or responsibilities of the position. Make sure that they are clearly and unambiguously stated. They should be reliable.

Ideally, job descriptions contain a short list of tasks to be effective. However, if the position entails more important duties to perform then they should be included as well.

IV) Minimum requirements in terms of knowledge and skills: Here we cover the competence level required to perform in the position.

You must state minimum knowledge, skills, expertise, abilities needed for the job.

V) Minimum Educational Requirements, Certification, and License: Here you state the minimum educational qualifications, including professional certifications and licenses.

A job description can also sometimes have the Physical Requirement section. Here we have things like the ability to lift heavy materials, sit or stand for long etc.

2. Steps for writing a job description for resume with examples

  • Example of job description and job specification

How to write a job description in resume also include some steps. Before you begin adding job descriptions to your resume, make a list of accomplishments at each of your jobs.

How to write job description in resume

a) Highlight Skills and Achievements

Look for ways to make it more concise. Try to create effective impact statements. Highlighting skills and achievements, provide enough detail to support your premises. Edit out pronouns and articles. You must start sentences with verbs. Choose strong resume action words that work well.

Make a list of resume keywords and include them.

b) Prioritize Job Description Information

Now you have to prioritize the information you provide in each of the descriptions. Put forward the details of the greatest interest first.

Job description for resume examples:

Sales Associate, Retail USA, Los Angeles, LA October, March 20XX – Present

  • Designed large windows as the primary focus using color.
  • Created engaging point-of-purchase displays for moving small items; increased sales of these items by 40%.
  • Organized floor displays to call attention to latest merchandise and maximize space.
  • Utilized communications skills and strong interpersonal to serve customers; received employee of the month award thrice.

c) Be Selective

You should be selective with the information you incorporate. Put yourself in your potential employer’s position and then determine its relevance. Think about if this particular information help convinces the employer that you are a worthy candidate?

You need not include every responsibility you ever took upon. Just group together similar tasks. For instance, instead of writing “Answered phones”, “Responded to customer emails” you can combine and say “Resolved the upcoming customer issues through emails, phone and chat conversations.”

d) Quantify Your Accomplishments

Quantify information as much as you can. This includes adding numbers, dollar signs, percentages etc. for example “increased traffic 35% year-over-year” is more impressive and informative rather than simply “Improved traffic.” 

Almost any description, for any job, can be enhanced by using of numbers.

Remember, employers like numbers. It is quite easy to look at signs and symbols and grab details than it is to read words.

Job description for resume examples:

Blue lagoon’s Restaurant, New, NY
March 20XX – Present

  • Provided dining service for patrons at an upscale 120-seat fine dining establishment.
  • Served meals, monitored five tables, cleared tables, and provided exceptional customer service to up to 40 customers.
  • Trained new waitstaff on guest services, and restaurant policies and procedures several times.

e) Emphasize Accomplishments Over Responsibilities

It’s important for hiring a manager to know you have the necessary experience. So, to stand out, emphasize on your accomplishments and how you added value rather than responsibilities.

Again, numbers can be your friend while highlighting your accomplishments. It is important to keep descriptions short. Still adding details and context can prove why you’d be a good match for the position.

Job description for resume examples:

Customer Service Associate, XYZ Company, July 20XX – May 20XX

  • Resolved customer concerns expeditiously and efficiently, answering approximately 350 calls per week.
  • Achieved all performance of 100% goals for accuracy, resolution of issues, speed, volume and customer satisfaction.
  • Nominated for employee-of-the-month three times for excellent attitude and effective customer service skills. Among the three nominations, I was even awarded once.

Types of job description:-

  1. Job description project manager
  2. Job description account manager
  3. Job description business development
  4. Job description software engineer
  5. Job description paralegal
  6. Job description web developer
  7. Job description hr generalist
  8. Job description software development
  9. Job description nurse practitioner
  10. Job description dental assistant
  11. Job description nurse practitioner
  12. Job description dental hygienist
  13. Job description healthcare administrator
  14. Job description journalist
  15. Job description business development director
  16. Job description truck driver
  17. Job description neonatal nurse
  18. Job description human resource generalist
  19. Job description healthcare administrator
  20. Job description of hr manager
  21. Job description sales executive
  22. Job description of accountant
  23. Job descriptio of  content writer
  24. Job description of marketing manager
  25. Job description of business analyst
  26. Job description of  sales manager
  27. Job description of marketing manager
  28. Job description of executive assistant
  29. Job descriptionof font office executive
  30. Job descriptionof production manager


The Benefits of Job Descriptions

Most of the people do away with a job description. However, including a job description is beneficial to the employer, job seeker, and the employee in a number of ways. It also benefits coordinator job description Aflac.

It helps any the organization to run smoothly because the employees are well aware of the duties they are expected to perform in the company/ organization. They do not require prompt reminders, as they know who to report to and the extent of their responsibilities. For the employer: to publish a detailed description of the job an employer wants to fill is the first step. It enables candidates to screen themselves. Only those with the required qualifications, abilities and who are prepared mentally, psychologically, and physically to perform the listed tasks or duties as well as work cordially with other people apply for the job.

When a well-detailed job description is available, there are no clashes of responsibilities among staff.

For the job seeker: They can easily determine now if they are qualified for the job or not.

It can be a motivation to both employees and job seekers. They develop themselves career-wise to be able to qualify for targeted or higher positions.

For the employee: It enables them to be more focused on the job. They know exactly what their job requires. This ensures they perform their duties without fail.

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