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Increase your chances of getting hired by using psychology

Can you link up interviewing to science? No doubt, interviewing is more of an art than science, but here you can use tips from social, organizational and personality psychology to improve your chances of success. Do not forget that the interviewers are people just like you. Simple tweaks to the way you speak or yourself can make you seem more likable, hire able and competent in their eyes. With this in mind, we have rounded up a list of easy strategies. These will build up a connection with your interviewer and boost your chances of getting hired.

Check out these tips on how to use psychology to increase your chances of getting hired. Giving one or more of them a try, can take up your chances of making it to the next round of interviews — or even get you the job.

9 Job Interview Tips

  1. Try “power-priming tactics.”

Researchers, took one group of applicants and asked them to focus on a time in which they felt empowered and satisfied in their lives. While another group was instructed to focus on a time when they felt down. As a result, it was the first group — the power-primed group — that succeeded. To their surprise interviewers chose the power-primed group over the other group at a much higher rate.

So, before your interview, think about the times when you felt successful, confident and empowered. This will increase your chances of getting hired.

  1. Smile, but when essential 

It is good to be friendly and polite, however, be serious when you need to be. In a study, candidates who smiled more in the beginning and at the end of an interview, and less in the middle, did better than those who smiled, continuously, throughout.

Furthermore, in the middle you must focus on answering questions perfectly.

  1. Try to use your interviewer’s name a few times. 

Not only can using your interviewer’s first name help you remember it, but it also makes them feel more positive about you. Please, don’t overuse it, but do drop it in a few times in your conversation. It shows that you are confident and satisfied.

Try to find something in common with your interviewer. It is rightly said that similarities attract. We often tend to like people who are similar to us in attitude.

  1. Follow “reflective listening.”

Repeat your interviewer’s question in your own words.

This can increase your chances of getting hired, as it demonstrates a comprehensive understanding. It also creates an atmosphere of ease and therefore, may make your interviewer feel more positive about you. When you speak, try to sound smart. Do not be monotonous. Being monotonous ruins the effect. Give proper pause. Try variations in volume. You must try to be energetic, confident, intelligent. Be friendly and assertive.

  1. Keep yourself in comfort zone with hands warm and dry. 

Initially, it might sound weird, but think about it. Cold hands are a sign of anxiety. Therefore, warm and dry hands reflect the opposite.

So, before you enter the interview area, be sure to wipe off any sweat. While if you’re coming in from the cold, make sure your handshake isn’t icy!

  1. Try mirroring, but don’t exaggerate.

Mirroring is when you mimic a person’s body language. For e.g. they smile, you smile. When they use hand gestures, you use hand gestures. Research has shown that mirroring can increase your chance of success. Although this is something to be careful about. Some may not like it. So, create a positive atmosphere.

It is called the chameleon effect. It is a psychological phenomenon. People tend to like each other more when they have similar body language.

  1. Check on your body language. 

Nonverbal communication can speak tons about you. So, when you’re in a job interview, use positive nonverbal behaviour.

According to research, you should:

  • Show a high level of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Keep a positive confident expression on your face.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Nod to show understanding.
  • Use subtle hand gestures when speaking.
  • Lean towards your interviewer at times, but maintain proper personal space.
  • Don’t be monotonous, vary your tone of voice.
  1. Follow the Construal Level Theory. 

According to the Construal Level Theory, the farther away you are from a person, the more abstract your thinking will be. Thus, the closer you are, the more you concentrate.

Researchers tested the theory in an experiment. They made applicants sit either close or far from interviewers. The results were in line with the theory- applicants who sat close and discussed specific attributes were more successful. While, applicants who sat far away and emphasized more abstract qualities, had lesser chances. To leave an impact, take care to mention some soft skills, such as, your “strong work ethic” or “superior time management skills.”

  1. Avoid interruptions. 

You must remember, interrupting someone elicits negative feelings. Never interrupt your interviewer, it may even annoy them and put down your impression. Maintain a positive atmosphere. Try not to speak something negative.


Updated: August 4, 2017 — 9:24 am

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