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Improve your potential – avoid laziness during work time

Sloth, ineptitude, laziness, idleness, or whichever name you like give it but the idea of doing nothing when things need to be done is actually a sign of weakness. At times laziness occurs when you do not want to face something. It can be anything from a boring task or a difficult confrontation with somebody. Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed and think the task needs more people than just you. And then there are times where you do not bother. In any case. It is simply not a desirable thing to do. It can either be due to a lack of inspiration or lack of enough encouragement to start work.

Hence, following guide about fighting laziness will show you ways to overcome laziness quite effectively. Furthermore, it will give you important tips on what to do against it. Well, every one of us faces this feeling. We think that we have a lot of work to do but feeling of momentary laziness or habitual state of pure laziness prevents us from getting ready to do important tasks. However, laziness hinders us from the pursuit of our dreams. Laziness has adverse effects on our life’s quality too.

So, let us not allow laziness to cut the quality of our lives!

Overcome the laziness caused by a lack of willpower

One amongst the most common types of laziness is caused due to lack of willpower. Knowing exactly how important a specific task for us can be, we do not have the willpower to get started. Many people face such laziness.

In order to overcome this type of laziness is to get started, plain and simple. You just have to start performing the tasks you have to do. Hence, do the job that needs to be done. Thereby find an “easy introduction” to the task, start with something simple. It is often ten times harder to get started than actually getting the job done. So, once you are able to overcome this barrier you will discover that the task itself was not the problem. Your lack of willpower was the culprit!

Fight procrastination

Procrastination is also seen as a form of laziness. Postponing tasks is a form of laziness as it does not allow you to actually do something. One of the biggest reasons behind postponing things laziness. Procrastination or laziness have one thing in common that different excuses prevent us from starting what we need to do or we would like to do.

Firstly, this habit of postponing things or tasks cuts our chances of accomplishment. It takes away our chances to achieve whatever we desire to get. It is very helpful to break tasks whenever such tasks seem impossible to accomplish. It works well in order to overcome procrastination. So, try to split the difficult ones into smaller sub-tasks. Hence, it will surely help you to tackle one sub-task at a time. It will not only enable you to get started, but sooner or later it will also help to maintain your motivation to accomplish the task.

Fight lack of motivation

There is another very common type of laziness and it is caused by a lack of motivation to get things done or achieve a certain goal. Such lack of motivation can have several reasons behind them. The reasons such as not having proper goals and aims or no purpose in life or not able to get motivated effectively.

So, get motivated and increase your motivation! Here is most effective way to fight a lack of motivation i.e., knowing some excellent motivation techniques that will help you to increase your motivation and also to maintain it at a high level.

Fight negative Mindsets and Attitudes

You develop all kinds of different negative mindsets and attitudes towards life. There are people who try to associate their laziness with failure. While others associate laziness with their pleasure and easy-going life. People consider it as a protective trick allowing themselves to avoid additional work. A philosopher said that laziness is a proper way for humans to find pleasure, as they take pleasure from not doing anything. Therefore, the so-called intuitive laziness is a protective way people apply who feel that a given task might not produce the desired outcome. Often the task is neglected for this reason. This type of laziness is dangerous, it just reaffirms this person’s laziness.

Such people build this negative attitude that this laziness can help them save their time. Although this strategy works in some cases, but it is actually counterproductive in the long-run. The first step to fighting laziness is to realize that a specific attitude or mindset is wrong. Also, that it is non-beneficial for you. You need to realize that postponing work is not the right solution to avoid unnecessary tasks. Furthermore, remember that making use of laziness to avoid confronting your fears is not helpful either. In fact, it only increases your problems in life.

Break your tasks

As Confucius the philosopher said ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones’

There are tasks that seem as though it would take you days or weeks to complete. You have to think whether you would be motivated to start it immediately, or put it off?

So, use your own psychology to your advantage. Just break up your tasks and enjoy small wins. Performing a big task without getting much accomplished can be quite disheartening.

Break the huge task into several small tasks instead. It will give you confidence to keep up the good work, without feeling overwhelmed.

Take interest in fun – Reward yourself

As you develop the new habits and break your laziness routine, want to track your progress and reward yourself.

You should take a break from work and give yourself a reward. It can be anything that relaxes you like – a walk outside, a nap, a few minutes of downtime, a snack.

Please do not watch TV for an hour!

Therefore, follow these tips and you will continue to build your self-discipline.

Updated: August 4, 2017 — 9:25 am

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