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How are we improving our lives with the changing generation?

Just a click and the distance of thousands of miles can be covered. All thanks to technology for this blessing and many more. Over the years, technology has been responsible for giving amazing resources. Today, with the changing generation all the information we need is available right at our fingertips.

With these advancements, our lives have changed dramatically. There are a number of pros and cons. But surely the positive changes outnumber the negative ones. Technological development should be environmental and human-friendly. It should be a flower for life, not a productivity killer.

Looking at the present scenario we can say that technology is the king and humans are its slaves. But if a slave is clever and knowledgeable enough then they can influence the kings (technologies) and earn benefits for themselves.

Let us look at the picture from a positive viewpoint and would debate about the shortcomings later.

So, here we have examples of how we are improving our lives with the changing generation.

  1. The way we share

We are no longer using the traditional routes of sharing information and details. Social networks now allow us to share just anything, anywhere, anytime. In addition to this the coverage is also relatively very vast.

  1. The way we communicate

Gone are the days of telephone. No heading over to someone’s house to chat. Internet and smartphones have replaced traditional chats. We find it quite better to leave a text rather than calling up for every little information. The group chats and conference calling not only saves time but also reduces expenses.

  1. Knowledge and education

We no longer need to carry books and break our backs. Heavy bags are easily replaced by laptops, tablets, smartphones and e-readers. They are a real blessing to students. They have made it easier for us to carry our books around. For detailed studies, you do not have to buy a large number big, heavy books, you can simply download them on your desktop.

Today, with the changing generation we have the option to study online. Anyone can do degrees online. Long distance studies are really helping a number of students.

  1. Better Lifestyle changes

It is not available in your town and nearby shops. No problem. Look for it on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and a thousand such sites available online. We have everything available at our fingertips. Place an order and it is at your doorstep.  People in the towns and villages have similar facilities as those living in cities.

  1. Health

Deadly diseases which were incurable yesterday have a cure today. Ladies and gentlemen, when we get infected with some disease what is the instant follow up? Don’t we rush to a doctor, whom we see as our only saviour? At that point of time doesn’t he become an angel for us and we surrender ourselves completely to him with a faith that he will pull us out of our miseries and pain.  Once considered incurable ailments like cancer and tuberculosis can be cured today. Deadly plague which used to wipe out masses at one go is no more heard of. According to US census bureau, the average life expectancy has increased from 47.3 years to 77.85 years within a century due to development of vaccine.

  1. Safety measures

Today, with the help of scientific methods we can foresee the upcoming catastrophes and take proper measures. We can save people from vast destruction, outburst of epidemics owing to the changing and more developed technologies.

  1. Difference in business processes and systems

Latest information technologies have great impact on our work and the way we conduct business. Almost everything is or will be automated. People are now thinking more about passive incomes and more than one source of income. Lesser efforts, more productivity and immense benefits are a result of changing generations. So, now you can fight with your competitors based on speed, quality, and price.

  1. Cloud computing and cloud storage

You don’t have to store your personal/ business data on your hard drive, pen drive or cards. You can upload it on clouds and access it just anywhere, anytime. Google Drive and one drive are examples. Now, you don’t need to buy any business application and spend time installing it on your computer. It is on the cloud, where you and your employees can use it from anywhere.

  1. Globalization

With the advancement over the years, globalization has picked up pace. Newer technology has changed the speed of time. It is updating every second. It’s tough to for small business owners and entrepreneurs to run their business with this speed. It is like a fuel for big companies. They have ideas, knowledge and are creating new solutions.

Nothing is permanent neither we nor our technologies. We all are humans; our thinking is inspired. We have various facilities. Undoubtedly, every coin has two sides. Even the changing generations have brought along certain drawbacks. But we must allow technology to control us. We are the masters, we have brought changes, we have invented them. So, how can we let our own creations controls us? Obviously not.

Ladies and gentlemen, stop playing the blame game. If you are facing any hardship or ill effects today it is because of your own doing. Do not blame the technology. You can very well control it or find a weapon to overpower it or at least be strong enough to maintain your stand. 

Updated: August 4, 2017 — 4:17 pm

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