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Hey come Lets Stay Energetic all the day-Start with healthy eatables

Hunting for a cup of tea or coffee after every second hour to stay alert and awake is not the solution. Why not try something in the morning that keeps you fit all the day long. Long working hours and unhealthy eating patterns takes away all the zeal and energy for work. Afternoon nap is an old story for most of the office workers. Especially when the summer plans are in full swing, it is easy to feel run down. This is the time of the year when our social calendars fill up with a number of meals out and not enough sleep. We struggle the entire day and towards the end feel drained out. This scene is common for most of us.

Do not worry, as we have found satisfactory solutions to your problems. So, take the time and effort to prepare the right breakfast. You will find yourself more energetic and fit the entire day.

#1. Plenty of water

A long day of sweating leaves you with no energy. Dehydration emerges out to be the leading factors of lack of energy. So, take plenty of water in the morning to make sure a good start. It not only hydrates your body but also gets rid of toxins. This makes you feel fresh and energetic the entire day.

#2. Scramble, omelette, rolls or hard-boiled ones- Eggs are a great help

With the yolk rich in almost 13 nutrients coupled with fibres and proteins, eggs help prevent food cravings. They give you immense energy.

P.S- do not forget that people attending gyms and body building sessions take eggs for energy so, why not you?

#3. Go green with Lentils and green leafy

These little beans are really very nutritional. It is time to think beyond lentil soup. Get creative. Dietician says that lentils contain unique proteins that can lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Furthermore, they also contain fibre which keeps you full. They have vitamins, iron, and zinc. All of this proves to be of great help.

Remember green leaves like spinach and kale are like nutritional powerhouses. You can also use them on your omelette.

#4. Yogurt

Light and reliable. Yogurt makes you fuller and at the same time it is very refreshing. When you are not in a mood to cook, yogurt is the best option available. You can add berries, fruits and nuts to it and enjoy the taste.

#5. Oats

Oatmeal is rich in vitamins and minerals that give us energy. The benefits are innumerable. They not only benefit the brain by combating stress but also enhance learning and memory function. Take them in any way that suits you but do not miss you on them. They are really beneficial to all irrespective of age groups.

#6. Breads – whole grain

The carbohydrates required for energy are available here. They will keep you running all day long. You must always choose whole grain products. Do not be confused with multi-grain or whole wheat. Muffins, bagels and other products help stabilize blood sugar levels. They fill you up until your next meal. Use these grains in your morning meal to kick-start your day.

#7. Dark chocolates

Chocolates are not just for kids. Dark chocolates contain stimulants. Include them in your diet and you will see the benefits yourself. It has a number of benefits. It reduces heart ailments. Works on your blood pressure, and gives instant energy.

Carry some chocolate along because if you feel low or a bit dizzy these will surely help.

#8. Cottage cheese

This one is rich in calcium and proteins. Include it in your morning meal with fruits and nuts and enjoy the delicious dish.

#9. Shakes and smoothie

You can add just anything to make a smoothie. This means all the beneficial items can be combined with yogurt, nuts, fruits, juices and whatever you like. It supplements all the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals that keep you going all the day long. Here is a quick recipe for a basic berry smoothie-

Whole flaxseeds – 2 tablespoons

orange juice – ½ cup

Vanilla yogurt – ½ cup

1 cup unsweetened frozen berries or blueberries

1 sliced, frozen small banana

#10. Bananas:

Bananas are the most popular fruit. These contain essential vitamins that give natural energy. The best part is that they don’t need to be dressed up. A plain banana with some nut butter is a lovely snack. They provide a lasting energy boost devoid of the common crash. One medium-sized banana has 105 calories. Make quinoa salad with sliced bananas/ spread nut butter for on top of it/ freeze them for a refreshing snack/ use them while baking.

#11. Nuts, Seeds, and Oils:

Just because these have a higher fat content doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be eating them. We must include them in our menu. These are healthy fats and your body loves them. Just remember to use them in control. Do not overdo. Just 23 almonds provide 6 grams of protein and has multiple minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. So, do not forget to carry a handful of almonds on your way.

#12. Fruits – mainly the citrus ones

Include at least one fruit in your daily breakfast. It will show its benefits the entire day. Like a glass of papaya juice with half of an apple and some walnuts is lovely. Remember, the best time to eat a fruit is either first thing in the morning or in between breakfast and lunch. Take it in any way that suits you like a fruit salad or smoothie.

Lastly, when these energetic food items are coupled with morning exercises, you will never fell low. Rather you will remain healthy and fit all the day long.


Updated: August 4, 2017 — 9:25 am

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