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Well, interviews are not a child’s play. It is not easy to face a group of professionals sitting in front of you and putting forward a series of questions. Don’t worry I am definitely not scaring you because here we have some really good and tested tips for you. These will surely help you crack interviews and leave a lasting impact on the interviewer.

When you successfully completed the resumes, cover letters and now you are beginning to receive calls and emails for interviews, it is time to gear up.

You are very much near to your goal so put in your best and leave no chance from your end.

Here, we have some dos and don’ts to follow when you step in for an interview round of selection.


Before the interview- Preparations

  • Once you receive an interview call from any company, conduct research on that particular company, the hiring manager, employer, and the system. Because the more information you gather, the more confident and satisfactory will be your answers.
  • If you have certain contacts within the company’s team, ask them for whereabouts and get geared up. In a nutshell, do your homework well.
  • Clarify your selling points and reasons why you want the job. Please do not end up answering like- ‘I want this job because It is a big company’ etc.
  • Prepare confident and smart replies.
  • You may also prepare a list of decent questions that you can put up.
  • Google the common questions usually asked by interviewers and compose detailed yet concise answers.
  • Do all the necessary arrangements at least a night before. Like your dress, documents etc
  • Dress up for success. A formal yet attractive dress is perfect. Do not go in for very bright shocking colours.
  • A sound sleep is a must a night before. Because if you stay awake they are chances of your anxiety and uncomfortable attitude put on display the next day.

On the day of interview- Dos and Don’t

  • Don’t wait for the last minute to pick out an outfit.
  • Do not forget to take extra copies of your resume at least two more.
  • Keep a good notepad and pen.
  • Prepare a nice portfolio with extra copies of your resume
  • Punctuality speaks your attitude. It is actually the very first impression about you. Reach the venue before time. At least five minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • Do not reach too early because it again ruins the scene.
  • When you reach before the time you have space to calm yourself and build up a confident composure. Rather than arriving last minute, hurrying into the office and Running short of breath.

In an interview

  • Enter with a bright smile and confident greeting.
  • Offer a confident hand shake.
  • Follow the three Cs- stay calm, composed and confident. By staying calm, I do not mean to be dumb. You must be wise enough so as not to speak far too much.
  • It is good to maintain eye contact with the interviewer but neither prolong it nor stare.
  • Make sure that your cell phone is on silent mode once you enter.
  • Remember that having a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job and employer are vital in the initial stages. Studies show that hiring managers make critical decisions about applicants in the first 20 minutes of the interview.
  • The key to success is the quality and delivery of your responses. Do not brag. Do not interrupt. These two can be fatal for your selection.
  • Your goal should always be an authenticity to interview questions.
  • Make sure you provide focused responses that showcase your skills, experience and fit the job.
  • Provide solid examples of solutions and accomplishments but keep your responses short.
  • Do not give the impression of boasting about yourself.
  • Never badmouth a previous employer, boss, or co-worker as it shows negativity.
  • Ask some insightful questions.

Body language – The silent, non-verbal communication

  • Poor body language can be a distraction as well as your reason for not getting selected.
  • Rubbing your hands, shaking legs, wiping face etc display your nervousness. Avoid them.
  • Keep a confident smile but do not smile too much.
  • Nod your head to convey understanding but again do not over do it.
  • Maintain a straight body posture. It reflects your self-reliance.
  • Do not fidget with your pen or papers or even the furniture.
  • Do not mumble.
  • You can also read more in detail about body language in various articles available on our website.

Towards the end

  • Finally, as the interview winds up, ask about the next steps in the process. You may also confirm the timetable.
  • With a display of your courtesy and politeness, thank everyone present out there.
  • It is also advisable to send a short email later on thanking the interviewers.

Follow these simple guidelines and for more details and suggestions stay tuned to our website. You can also refer to other articles on how to build up an impressive resume, samples related to interviewing etc on our web page. In the case of queries, comment below your questions. We will surely provide satisfactory answers.



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