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Kick start your Career with the Best Business ideas

Ever since the days of yore, the hunt for funding has been the bane of an entrepreneur’s existence. Many may go in for a job just to avoid this difficult struggle. They fail to realize that a good business idea will eventually give you success in leaps and bounds.

A number of billionaires started off as mere entrepreneurs. Be it Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg all of them have built up an empire out of nowhere. Self-reliance and an incessant urge to excel brought outcomes that seemed unbelievable in the beginning.

Never forget that the market is ripe for the ambitious entrepreneur to dominate it today.

Walt Disney truly stated and I quote- “If you can dream it, you can do it.” So, here we have top 10 business ideas that we believe can be launched within a meagre amount.

  1. Start Blogging

This is possibly one of the most welcoming fields to tap into in the digital age. Furthermore, professional blogging requires only a minimal start-up cost. Initially, you only have to invest in a domain name and hosting space. This can cost a maximum of roughly Rs 3600. In addition to this you need a good internet connection and device. With good writing skills and command over language you will really get great benefits in this field.

  1. Go beyond selfie- Start photography

Have a craze for pictures. Go ahead. To take up professional photography, you need to possess a high-definition camera. Without taking the latter’s cost into consideration, a photographer can work on independent projects. If you talk about investments- it is your time. With a zeal to excel and some creative ideas you can do wonders.

  1. Party Planners

If you are creative and can manage multiple tasks, enter in wedding planning and catering business. This is a challenging business. It requires skill and management ability.

These days people are ready to spend lot of money to make events successful and memorable. Event managers rarely spend time in office. They are best at managing, checking out the hundreds of venues, scheduling performances, meeting sponsors. You must maintain a popular website for it in order to drive traffic. The best path to reach out to potential clients in this field is online. Thus, ensure that your website is detailed, accessible, and colourful.

  1. Jewellery making

If gold, diamonds, platinum were all that we had to wear today, we will turn out to be empty pocketed. With trends of funky jewellery, matching ear cuffs, bracelets etc

So, it is one of the most profitable markets today. To look into this business, be prepared to get into well-placed bargaining deals. You must have skill of either offering them a good cut from your sales or buying their products in a bulk, for a cheaper price. The simple trick is to sell it at a higher price than it was bought at. All you require is artistic bend of mind to create new designs, stay updated with latest trends, some investments and you are all set to excel in this area.

  1. Dance or Music school

No investment initially just your talent on display. When you are talented as well as gifted the opportunities line up your way. Start off with a dance class. All you need is a hall or room to collect pupils. You require active presence for this business. As the business grows, you need to set aside an amount for the salary of an assistant. However, in the initial stages, the trick is to make sure that enough people are recommending your school. Advertisements and social media is a great help to invite eager and talented individuals.

  1. Contracting and consultancy

This is a really very good and successful business idea. Although this business requires expertise & domain knowledge but this business requires very less capital.

There is a growing need for consultants and contractor in fields of engineering, marketing, and scientific areas. Big companies are even ready to offer very high prices for good consultants and contractors.

Recently, home-based consultancy services have become quite popular. Many still run a one-man show. This again is cost effective and very promising.

  1. Make fashion your passion- Fashion designing

Fashion designing has picked up heights in the past few years. Ladies will surely fill up your pockets. The zeal to follow the latest trends, new designs will crazily drive public to your store. A creative mind and handful of workers will surely help you succeed.

  1. Smartphone store- repair, recharge and electronics

Even with online recharge, most mobile-users prefer visiting a recharge shop. You need a space in a small local shop. This rent will be the primary expenditure. Now, you must form ties with the network providers of the area like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc.,

This business is growing exponentially these days. Every second person likes to have a smartphone, so, recharge and repair will eventually follow.

  1. Coaching class and tuitions

No capital is required. Just begin with your own place. It is in fact very cost effective. You need a small area and skill to start. Expenditures in the name of education is flying high. Every parent is ready to spend any amount for their child. It eliminates capital issues and the results are really great. People run families just by taking coaching classes. So, go ahead and build up yours.

  1. Recruitment Firm

Starting recruitment firm is really good idea. However, this firm does not require huge investment. You just need small office and few contacts to start with.

Unemployment ratio is increasing so, recruitment firm is in huge demand. Every student as well as professional requires good job and every company requires productive candidate. Thus, in order to get good job and good candidate they are ready to take paid/commission base services from any recruitment firm.

Updated: August 4, 2017 — 9:23 am

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