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Avoid these mistakes if you are a bachelor, because they can trouble your life in future

Phyllis Diller rightly said- “A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once”. Most of us believe that being a bachelor gives a life of freedom and independence. No worries, no stress, late-night parties, hangouts and all the privileges of a carefree and independent life. But hold on, there is a lot more to it. There are certain responsibilities because bachelorhood is precious. It is actually the cream time of your life. As a youngster, you can’t afford to waste this period of your life. A wrong decision or step taken in this phase of your life can affect your entire life drastically.

Here are some handy tips that all bachelors must follow to save themselves from becoming one of the most ridiculed men.

  1. Don’t let anyone force you into taking a decision.

Make sure that you are not forced to take any decision unless you are 100% happy about it. Your choice is important. Do not be influenced. There are a million stories of people who instantly regret taking. The main reason is because they felt under pressure to do so. At the same time, many hiring managers regret making a bad hiring decision under pressure. Remember, that it never works out when you are not 100% committed to it. The reason being those tiny little worries, the doubts, become the monster living under your bed. Finally, before you know it, you’re impatient to run out of it.

Be it any decision of your life, like marriage, jobs etc., make sure you are sure about what you are doing. Things done in haste and often destroyed. When someone is under any pressure, wrong decisions can be made. 

  1. Long-term job offers

For e.g., take some time out before making a decision about a long-term job offer. Avoid contacting anyone with a vested interest in the decision. You must take time to write down all the pros and cons of accepting the job offer. Think about it. Ensure that you do not realize later that you have already jumped head first into what was clearly the wrong decision. Your life requires your devoted attention.

  1. Do not lie to portray yourself better.

In the bliss of youth, we often tend to over-estimate ourselves. At times, we lie to make ourselves look better in the eyes of others. Why can’t we be our true self? Why do we have to portray something which according to our mindsets is better? Are we not unique and a wonderful creation? Why can’t we be honest and confident about our qualities. Today you can lie and enjoy something fake but maybe tomorrow the same thing is the troubles you the most. People do not forget, the lies you tell and the ‘easy way out’ decisions you make stick to people’s minds.  And then, one day, it might come retrieve to haunt you. May be the person you let down today turns out to know someone who knows someone in the future. The cycle never ends and follows you, turning you uncomfortable where you could have been at peace.

  1. Becoming the angry young man

Do not turn upset when people get annoyed with you. If you make a decision that you have to back out, as a result of this, people are let down, do not get upset when they express their feelings about the scene. You must master the courage to take it on the chin and accept that every action is bound to have consequences.  Getting defensive, aggressive and rude is behaving like a child.  It will only make things worse.  A bachelor is expected to be mature enough to own his mistakes. He should not be found cribbing and losing temper on every second matter.

  1. Day dreaming

Let me leave this because I will find something far more better. Do I deserve this? I have many more options. I can do this. I can do that. These statements are very normal for a bachelor today. Either they over-estimate themselves or they let the correct time slip out of their hands in the hope of something better. But opportunities do not knock doors twice. Be vigilant not a day dreamer and make use of every opportunity that comes your way.

  1. Be self-dependent

Gone are the days when a son lavishly spending fortunes of his father was an apple to everyone’s eye. Today the society looks forward to self-dependent, mature and reliable guys. Today, being a bachelor, if you cannot stand for your own self, how can you think of leading a family tomorrow.

  1. Neglecting Health and exercise

Youth covers the major portion of your bachelorhood. The best and quality time of your life is spent here. If you neglect your health now, you may have to bear consequences later. So, in addition to all the liberties and enjoyments, exercise and proper diet must also be important. This is one mistake that youngsters usually commit. Being young we fail to realize the harmful effects of our neglect.

  1. Addiction – Smoking, drugs, alcohol

Research says that the youngster especially bachelors are found maximum when it comes to addiction, smoking and drugs.

Smoking seems to be the cool style statement for most of the youngsters. They fail to realize that they are actually leading themselves towards their own doom. It adversely affects your body and mind, troubling your health, mood and lifestyle, making you short-tempered, ill and feeble, making you dependent and in other words it destroys you completely in and out slowly and stealthily.

There are many more mistakes common to bachelors. These were some very common ones. Avoid them as far as maximum possible so that you have no regrets in future and can proudly tell – this is all that I did when I was a bachelor!



Updated: August 4, 2017 — 4:09 pm

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