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10 Things to avoid while preparing that first resume

What are the common mistakes to avoid while writing a resume? Make sure you do not put any of these common errors. It is very difficult to repair the damage that your mistakes might do, once an employer gets hold of it. So, while writing your first resume for a job search, check this out. Here are some guidelines on how to write the first resume by avoiding the common mistakes.

  1. Grammatical & Typing errors:

Your resume has to be grammatically faultless. It needs to have the perfect word accuracy. If it isn’t, the employer will draw negative conclusions like: “This person can’t write,” or “he/she does not care.” This is not so flattering impression you would like to give to an employer about you. Probably the first thought that will come into the employer’s mind is that you do not know how to write the words and make sentences. Hence, you need extra proof read before finalizing your resume.

  1. Lack of specifics or particulars:

Your resume could mislead the employers if there are no proper mentioning of the exact essentials in it. So, the proper communication will be deceived. Your employer needs to know what all you have accomplished in the past. Hence, give accurate and precise information of your education and experience.

  1. Endeavoring “One–range–fits–all” approach:

Remember that there are different resumes for different jobs. Do not try to develop a one-range-fits-all resume to send to all the equivalent employers. You roughly will end up with something that employers will certainly dump your resume in the reprocess basket. Employers prefer that you write your resume typically and particularly for them and the said position. You need to show them that how and why you perfectly fit for the post in the organization. Hence, try to make a single resume at a time and for singly entity only.

  1. Highlighting duties instead of accomplishments or undertakings:

When you are preparing your first resume you surely do not have much accomplishments. However, it more impactful list your duties and responsibilities, the ones you have carried out earlier. Therefore, to present your resume in a better way, list your duties instead of accomplishments.

Always list down something technical or something that matches with the job you are applying for or reflects your social and cultural compatibility.

  1. Be short and to the point, avoid going too long or cutting things too short:

There are no actual rules regarding resume length. However, this doesn’t mean that you can send out four or five-page resumes. The maximum is a limit of two-three-page resume. On the contrary, do not cut short the mainstream of your resume. Make it conventional to a subjective one-page standard. If you possess more than this and it is substantial then please include it as well. Just to fit it in a page make sure you do not cut down the cream.

  1. Avoid an unpleasant aim/ bad objective:

Employers first read your resume objective. Often, they come across formless sentences. This will give employers a repulsive and bad feel regarding your goals in life.

The objective, that occupies the top portion of your resume should be specifically mentioned. It should be designed to drive attention. So, give employers something specific, something that focuses on their needs as well as your own. For e.g. – “A challenging marketing position that allows me to contribute my skills and experience in raising fund for non-profits.”

  1. Design and format- Avoid overcrowding

At times, the resume is visually too busy. It may contain wall-to-wall text, featuring five different fonts, etc. This will most likely give the employer a headache. Try to keep same fonts and text. So, once you have completed it, show your resume to other people before sending it out. Ask them if they find it visually attractive. If it appears too crowded then space it out and work on your layout and design. Your resume should be pleasing to look at not confusing.

  1. Doing away with vital information:

You may eradicate mentioning of the jobs you have been doing to earn extra money for some reason. However, the skills you have achieved from them should be mentioned. It reflects your willingness to work as well as the hard work you did in the past. They prove to be certain imperative points for employers. At times, you may not be comfortable in mentioning the jobs you’ve taken to earn extra money for school. However, the soft skills that you have gained from these experiences like work ethic, time management etc are quite significant in the eyes of the employers.

  1. Avoid blunders in contacts:

Always check repeatedly and make sure that you provide the right and correct credentials on the resume. For example- correct spellings, home address, contact info, previous organization’s address and contact numbers etc. Avoid wrong information since it proves to be troublesome as well. Ascertain even the mainly minute, taken-for-granted details before it gets too late. If happens that you may put up an incredibly strong resume, but you aren’t getting any bites from employers just because the phone number on your resume was incorrect. So, double-check the most minute, careless mistakes.

Be sure you do not give an unprofessional email address. Your email address should have your name in them or it may include numbers. Words other than this show a diverse lack of professionalism, and it is not at all appealing to the employers. So, your email address should be made in an absolute professional way.

  1. Never use “to whom it may concern” addressing:

Applying for a new job and we do not take pains to do a bit of research. Applicants usually send across the resumes without addressing properly. So, next time when you come across a job you are excited for, take a few minutes to vigilantly read and edit your resume before you send it.

These were a few tips, a few glaring errors. For more such information and suggestions stay tunes to our website-


Updated: August 14, 2017 — 3:27 pm

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